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     Abraham Lopez is an international concert guitarists based in Keller, Texas. His musical performances, active volunteer and dedication for music education has position him as one of the most known and beloved guitarists in DFW. Abraham's musical abilities are constantly recognized by organizations, companies and universities from who he has receive support and encouragement such as: 

Easter music festival Scholarship.
Zeemee NYC Sponsorship.
PTK Scholarship.
Meadows Artist Scholarship.

This last one cover his tuition at one of the top universities of the United States Southern Methodist University during his undergraduate and graduate studies. 

Abraham began his guitar studies at the age of ten and was accepted in to the music program at University of Guadalajara at the age of twelve. He graduated with honors as the first music student from Tarrant County College NE, graduated from SMU with B.M in guitar performance, then a M.M in guitar performance from Spain. He participated in multiples masterclasses and festivals internationally. Abraham recalls the opportunity to study with the top maestros of the guitar during his master studies in Spain. Pepe Romero, Manuel Barrueco, David Russell among others.

Currently Abraham is head of the guitar department at Rojas School of music. He is teacher assistant at SMU and he is studying under the great American guitarists Robert Guthrie. Abraham is preparing for his competition tour (2019-2020) were he will participate in competitions inside the United States, and in Mexico and Ecuador. 
If you will like to contribute to his traveling expenses and become one of his music supporters please click here. 

Abraham plays on a classical guitar build by the Mexican luthier Arnulfo Rubio. The "Pope model" name given by the luthier since an identical guitar was given to the Pope Francis during his visit to Michoacán, México in 2016.


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